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Some more projects

Dhahran housing 115 kV cables

Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of 6 circuits 21 km worth of underground cables in the Eastern Region of KSA for SEC worth 127 million SAR under execution today.

Jeddah Economic City 110 kV 

Engineering, procurement and construction of a 110 kV circuit for the Jeddah Economic City with over 70 km of underground cables worth 64 million SAR completed in 2022.

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Rd 380 kV

The purpose of this project was to convert overhead lines to 380 kV underground circuits at the Price Mohammad Bin Salman Road which is under development in Riyadh. The scope includes an underground tunnel and is currently under execution, expected to be completed in 2023.

115 kV Marudmah Cooling Plant

A project for the Royal Commission of Jubail to design, procure and construct a 115 kV underground circuit set to be complete in 2023.

Wadi Liyya Substation Extension

Extension of an existing substation in Taif with a new building for 2 new 50/67 MVA transformers and the full system integration with the existing substation. To be completed in 2023.

Protection, SCADA and communication at S/S 8007

14 UGFOC to be installed for protection & communication for 11 33KV S/S with necessary duct bank, hand holes & trenches etc. Disconnect the existing 33kV cables at 3 places, protection, scada requirement dismantling & removal works, civil works. Expected completion in 2024.

King Salman Park 132 kV Network

Scope includes the connections of 5 substations in the King Salman Park in Riyadh with 132 kV underground cables. The project is currently under execution and expected  to be energized in 2024.

Shuaibah PV Plant 380 kV connection

 A 2500 mm2 cable project of  9.432 km in length including twof 96 cores UGNMFOC and OPGW retrofitting work and a 380kV OHTL - LILO network, two towers & one double gantry.

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