Multiple teams around the Kingdom disposing of advanced equipment and strong know how to provide a set of installation services:

Transformer and GIS Assembly

HV Cable Jointing and Terminating (Oil & Dry),

Cable Pulling


Before handing over an installed cable to the user, its quality must be carefully verified with an acceptance test. Also, routine tests must be constantly performed to assure the good handling of the cable and its components. Having formed a large team of testing experts, and a vast arsenal of HV testing equipment, CEPCO has become the market leader in this field, providing a wide range of testing services throughout Saudi Arabia, the GCC the Middle East.


We cover the most common maintenance servicing needs in the industry, such as:

Transformer Oil Filling and Draining,

SF6 Gas Gassing and Degassing,

HV Cable Sheath Repair,

Power Transformer Refurbishment,

LPOF Cable Oil Leak Repair.